Thank you for taking time to look at our site.  We are a small family owned business in NW Missouri started by Jason and Britt Hill. We were incorporated in SE Kansas (Arma).

Our main goal in this business is not to get rich (yes most probably won’t believe this) but we hope to make an honest living and live honestly in the sight of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He will always come before anything else we do as we prepare to stand before him at the Judgement Seat of Christ!

Like most other businesses we are trying to grow a little bigger.  What we offer is a good product at a fair price.  We don’t play games with prices or your trust.  We are constantly in search of high quality products almost always made in the USA.  We also offer engineering and manufacturing resources to help you with small to medium size projects from very small machinery repairs to more complicated product design in a timely manner and within your budget.  Our customers are our priority and we WILL listen to you.  So call or email us if you have any questions or think of anything we might be able to help you with!

Thank you for your time! 

Jason and Britt Hill