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You will be amazed of the taste of a truly American oil with grapes grown in California and the finest oil made in California.

We offer a few of the Apollo olive oils to choose from. They are truly a delight to the palate and have copious amounts of flavor compared to what you would buy are your local grocer.

Details about each variety:
Mistral Organic 2014
375 ml
Mistral, grown in our rugged Sierra foothills, is named after the famed Provencal wind. Based on the French variety, Picholine, with Columella and Ascolano. It’s a lovely oil, with perfumes of tropical fruit and full flavor. Sweet and buttery, it is at once delicate and rich. Mild intensity.
Certified Extra Virgin and Organic
Total anti-oxidants: 550 mg/kg
Suggestion: Mistral will enhance seafood, green salads, mushrooms, eggs, and most white wine dishes. It is our favorite oil for dipping bread.

Salute Organic
Salute– meaning “Good Health” in Italian is a medium body olive oil, especially blended for cooking. Made with our Mission, Ascolano, and Tuscan varieties. Medium intensity.
Certified Extra Virgin and Organic
Suggestion: Salute is a perfect oil for all sautéing and deep frying in your kitchen.

Barouni 2014
The first in our Gold Series of special varieties, Barouni is a lively Tunisian variety perfectly suited to our Sierra foothills. We love it for its exotic overtones, intensity and rich pungency. Strong intensity.
Certified Extra Virgin
Milled: December 2013
Total anti-oxidants: 882 mg/kg
Free fatty acid: 0.20%
Suggestion: Barouni is great for cooking lamb, grilling fish and vegetables, and ideally balances balsamic vinegar. It adds a spark of peppery spiciness and is right at home with hummus and couscous.

Sierra Organic 2013
375 ml
Sierra, harvested from century-old trees in the Sierra foothills, is rich and robust. Based on California’s classic Mission variety, with Tuscan varieties, Frantoio and Lecchino. It’s an elegantly assertive oil with a hint of greenness. Medium intensity.
Certified Extra Virgin and Organic
Milled: December 2012
Total anti-oxidants: 910 mg/kg
Free fatty acid: 0.25%
Suggestion: Sierra is ideal with tomatoes, Caprese and Greek salads, pastas, pesto, and hearty dishes like beans, soups, and stews. It is the perfect finish for grilled meats.

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