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Atom Pop Popcorn Popper w/ 30oz Shaman Blue Popcorn


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Buy USA made popcorn poppers here! We are authorized sellers of the famous vintage style Atom Poppers.

Includes:  One Atom Popper and one 30oz resealable bag of Riehle’s Select Shaman Blue Popcorn.  GMO free.  You will be amazed of the flavor of Riehle’s!  We tested many types of popcorn & chose to sell 3 varieties of Reihle’s GMO free popcorn.

Add oil, popcorn, and heat on an electric or gas stove (no stir, no shake necessary). Also can be used for storing fruit or other items. The Atom Popper will pop up to 1/2 cup of kernels per batch. Bowl diameter is approximately 10.5″ and height is 4″. Overall width is 13″.

Cooking Instructions:

  • 1. Pour 1/2 cup of popcorn into popper (We recommend 1/3 cup of kernels).
  • 2. Pour 3 or 4 tablespoons of cooking oil into popper.
  • 3. Place cover on popper.
  • 4. Place popper on heat..high on electric element, or if gas, adjust flame to cover bottom of popper only.
  • 5. Remove popper from heat at once when popping stops. Salt to taste.

The Original Atom Pop Corn Popper was originally manufactured in Quincy, Kansas by Quincraft Products, then moved to Fredonia, Kansas and is now manufactured in Bushton, Kansas by Quincraft Products.

The Atom Pop is MADE in the USA! Made in America! Made in Kansas!

These poppers make excellent birthday gifts, wedding gifts, graduation gifts, housewarming gifts, or Christmas gifts! Buy one for your neighbor, they might just like it too! Roast fresh chestnuts in the Atom Poppers, too!

More about the Shaman Blue Popcorn:  Popcorn lovers who want to shove handfuls into their mouth will want this lightly sweet tasting popcorn. While we think it is bluer than any other color, it has a subtle pink or purple hue.   After popping it holds more anthocyanin & cyanidin than yellow popcorn. These components are known to have high antioxidant activity. So it is healthier! The white fluffy popcorn will still leave your mouth watering and wanting more.



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