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Color Blue, 5.7 degree, 1000 lumen

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Product Description

Updated for 2014!  Pictures are of older model.

1. Cooler running with more vent holes.  2. Close to 5 hrs runtime on high  3. When battery is about to die on HIGH mode, the light will blink rapidly for 10 seconds or so.  Turn light to LOW mode for an extra 30+ minutes of runtime to get to safety.  4.  Original LED color was 6800 Kelvin Color, which was whiter side. New Speed LED is 6000 Kelvin Color, which is little softer color than original.  5.  Smaller switch.  6.  Light cable is redirected to front for easier mounting/unmounting of light.

The BikeRayUSA SPEED II bike light sets a new standard in ultimate light output at an affordable price. Its blisteringly bright 1000 lumen LED means a longer beam that can penetrate up to 300 yards. This light is much brighter than a car headlight and anyone else can see you from a good distance away.

The BikeRayUSA SPEED II uses a CREE XM-L T6 LED to achieve its fantastic power output. And the single light head design is highly weatherproof, lightweight and doesn’t take up much room on the handlebars or on your helmet.  Lights can be used in wet or rainy conditions but do not submerge in water.

The 5.7 degree molded optical glass lens directs the light to where it is most needed, lighting up the road ahead while also providing good beam width.

A temperature protection circuit will stop the light overheating, automatically stepping the output down if the light is left on full with no airflow around it.

The bevel (lid casing) is sealed to prevent tampering of the lighthead and will void warranty if removed.

The BikeRayUSA SPEED II features include:

  • Casing for better cooling capabilities.
  • 100% weatherproof lighthead.
  • 100% weatherproof battery.
  • Four modes – High, Medium, Low, Blink (safety), & Off.
  • Clip straps for helmet mount.
  • Bigger and softer trigger switch.

All BikeRayUSA lights are engineered, designed, & assembled in the USA.  Some of their components not available in the US come from overseas.

Run Time
High – 4+hrs
Low – 6+hrs
Flash – 10+hrs

Lithium Ion
100% waterproof
8.6 volts

Charge Time
4  hrs

High – 1000
Medium – 650
Low – 350


121 Gram Head
232 Gram Battery

LED Life
50,000 hrs
Cree XM-L T6




Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 5 x 4 in


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