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Made in USA.  A very versatile tube squeezer to get the last dab, drip, or drop out of your tube!  Use these for toothpaste, caulk, adhesives, or anything else in a tube.  Constructions, trades, art, cooking, cleaning,.. The possibilities are endless!

TubeWringer 401 Heavy Duty

The Model 401 is an indespensible tool for heavy shop use. Counter top adhesives, glue, and caulking. All metal construction for industrial use. Aluminum rollers and steel handle for construction and manufacturing applications.

TubeWringer 205 Medium Duty

Best all-round for household, medical, scientific, and light shop use. The Model 205 is ideal for arts and crafts, oil paints. caulk, adhesives, and medical compounds. Husky aluminum rollers are used on the Model 205 Tube-Wringer. Ideal for regular and heavy craft use.

TubeWringer 202 Light Duty (listed as 201)

The 202-N is ideal for occasional light duty chores. Use it for toothpaste tubes, ointments, glue, and small caulking jobs. Inexpensive and handy for occasional use. Nylon rollers on the 202-N are strong and may well last a lifetime for the occasional user.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 2 in


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